Town History

Known as The Town Of Two Summers, due to its extended summer temperatures, Phalaborwa is known for its Iron and Copper Ore.

The town was established in the 1950’s, when modern mining began to exploit the Palabora Igneous Complex. This occurred about 1200 years after the unique rock formation was discovered and mined by the first metal workers settling in this barren part of the country.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the Phalaborwa region was occupied by metalworking communities during at least two periods in the last 1200 years

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Phalaborwa Town Tusks

What Phalaborwa Has To Offer

Phalaborwa is a small mining town located in the Limpopo Province. Situated at the heart of the Kruger National Park, Phalaborwa offers a great base for Safari trips, activities and much more it hosts a variety of aspects for the whole family.

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Phone Numbers

Fire department015 781 1333
Police015 780 3300
Ambulance015 781 0177

Travel & Tourism015 781 7760
Home affairs015 781 0981
Labour department015 781 5114
Municipality015 780 6300
Water & Sewage083 648 6154
Electricity083 627 8095 781 7760


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