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Places To Stay In Phalaborwa

Looking for a place to stay in Phalaborwa and the surrounding area? Click to preview the top highlights for accommodation in Phalaborwa.

Things To Do In Phalaborwa

Looking for things to do in Phalaborwa? From Zip Lines, to Horseback Safari, Phalaborwa offers activities for all of the family.

Animal Care In Phalaborwa
Animal Care

From wild animals to house pets, our Animal Care in Phalaborwa is top notch, with services from Veterinaries to food supplies.

Banking And Financial Services In Phalaborwa
Banking And Financial Services

Looking for the local Bank’s Telephone number to Financial Services in Phalaborwa, we have it all.

Construction And Building Services In Phalaborwa
Construction, Building And Supplies

From building supplies to construction, including household repairs and more in Phalaborwa and the surrounding area.

Design And Marketing In Phalaborwa
Design And Marketing

Looking for Design work, creative flyers, leaflets, photography and more. Check out our Marketing services in Phalaborwa.

Places To Eat In Phalaborwa

Looking for a place to eat in Phalaborwa and the surrounding area? Our unique list of restaurants offers fantastic cuisines for all occasions.

Education In Phalaborwa

From schooling to extra curriculum education, Phalaborwa is a host to plenty for the whole family no matter what age.

Events And Activities In Phalaborwa

Are you looking for an events organiser, wedding photographers or venues for your special day. Phalaborwa offers a variety of services for all sorts of events.

Business Services In Phalaborwa
General Business Services

Whether you are looking for financial guidance, business plan designers or more we have something available for all types of business.

Governmental Services In Phalaborwa
Governmental Services

Looking for Governmental Services in Phalaborwa and the surrounding area. Our directory offers everything including municipality numbers and more.

Health And Wellness In Phalaborwa
Health And Wellness

From Hospitals, to dental services Phalaborwa offers a variety of professional health care services for all requirements.

Mining In Phalaborwa

Predominately known as a mining town, Phalaborwa offers a variety of mining solutions, supplies and much more.

Misc In Phalaborwa

A variety of miscellaneous services available for all requirements. If you cannot find the category for your service/business it will be in here.

Professional Services In Phalaborwa
Professional Services

Looking for Legal Advice, an accountant or much more? Our Professional Services available in Phalaborwa offer the support you need.

Real Estate In Phalaborwa
Real Estate

Looking to Buy or Sell in the Phalaborwa area? Our real estate category has something for you. We also have a variety of agents who offer property rental and much more.

Shopping In Phalaborwa

Whether you are after the latest fashion, home decor and much more, Phalaborwa offers a variety of shops and a Mall just for you.

Sports And Fitness In Phalaborwa
Sports and Fitness

Join in with the South African culture with our list of unique sports and fitness available for everyone including gyms, trainers and much more.

Travel And Tourism In Phalaborwa
Travel & Tourism

At the heart of the Kruger National Park, Phalaborwa offers a unique travel experience for both locals and tourists alike.

Vehicle Sales And Repair In Phalaborwa
Vehicle Sales & Repair

Whether you are looking for new, or used cars Phalaborwa offers a variety of garages for all budgets. Vehicle sales, repairs, services and much more.

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